Monday, November 15, 2010

Transfer / Load data to PostgreSQL using SQL Server , SSIS

SSIS can be used to load, insert data to Postgres databases, but, you need the OLE DB driver for that. There is a OLE DB driver provided by Postgres, but that didn't work for me. May be I need to find more why it didn't. But in the meantime, there is this Native OLE DB Driver for Postgres which works really fine. But it is not free. You can download a demo version of the driver from here,

PostgreSQL Native OLEDB Provider (PGNP)

Once you install the driver, you can use it in SSIS, SQL Server ....etc as an ordinary OLEDB provider to directly load data to Postgres tables.



Web Harvesting said...

This is really interesting take on the concept.SSIS can be used to load, insert data to postgres databases, but, we need the OLE DB driver for that. Please keep up the nice work.

Datahead said...

I am working on a data integration/warehouse project that uses both Postgresql and SQL Server. I have had no problem installing the PGNP driver, but I want to be able to run a function on Postgresql that does not return any data, such as
select * from "LoadData"();
This transforms and loads the data from the Postgresql production database to the postgresql warehouse. Can I do this? And if so, how? Thanks.