Thursday, July 01, 2010

Repository Migration from JasperServer Professional (Pro) to Community Edition (CE)

Recently I had to go through a painful server migration for JasperServer. Why was it painful? Because I had to shift from a Pro version to free Community version. The Free community version lacks from several features so restoring an repository export taken from a Pro version is simply a nightmare.
At some point I have almost given up after getting hundreds of errors and was going to manually upload all the reports, data sources, and create schedules. But bingo, something came to my mind. Instead of getting a full export from the Pro version, why not taking several exports of only the reporting folders? Yes that worked out. Yes, it is not as easy as the complete export, but much much easier than doing everything manually. I took several exports, specially of reporting schedules, avoiding resources that are not supported in the community edition, such as analysis views..etc. After that I individually imported these to my community edition and here it works smoothly.
So the trick is, if you ever want to transfer resources from a Pro version to Community version of JasperServer, take several exports/backups from the pro avoiding resources,features that are only supported in Pro. This will save your day!


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